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  • I'm looking for a fun outlet for my dog's energy.
    Your dog can learn a dance routine with you in Canine Freestyle or take obedience training to the next level in Rally Obedience. These classes are all great ways to bond with your dog while burning some excess energy. After all, a tired dog is a good dog!
  • My dog is fearful, anxious, and/or reactive towards people or other dogs.
    Control Unleashed® (CU) and Behavior Advancement Training (BAT) classes teach valuable skills for living with a fearful or reactive dog. In CU, you can learn a variety of skills to help your dog remain calm while facing their triggers. In BAT, you will practice managing your dog's reactivity while on a walk. Private sessions allow you to work in a one-on-one setting on whatever issue you would like to address.
  • I would like to compete with my dog in a sport.
    Canine Freestyle and Rally Obedience are sports that your dog can earn titles in.
  • My dog barks and lunges at dogs, people, bikes, etc. on walks.
    Behavioral Advancement Training (BAT) is a class designed to teach both you and your dog valuable skills for walking with a reactive dog. You will learn to recognize early warning signs that your dog is uncomfortable, and your dog will learn a safer way to react to their triggers. If you are not sure your dog is ready for a class environment, private sessions are also available.
  • I want to give my dog a solid foundation to become confident and well-adjusted.
    The Control Unleashed® (CU) class helps your dog learn valuable life skills such as self control and staying calm in the face of things that may frighten or excite them. Dogs are slowly exposed to common triggers in a safe and rewarding enviroment, helping them learn appropriate reactions.
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